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About Us

Demolition Brisbane is a company that has worked in Brisbane for over thirty years. Our hands-on experience allows us to give you the best services in the demolition industry. We offer demolition services to people living in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Our services are priced affordably. Our staff is cordial, and helpful, and we make sure to get you the best customer service possible.
Our Services
Demolition Brisbane offers you the following services:
-Demolition Services – We do all types of demolition. These include residential demolition. If you want to do major construction in your home that requires demolition feel free to give us a call. We offer competitive prices and the best after service possible. If you own a commercial building that you need demolished, we also perform this service. Our trained professionals do the work with utmost care and safety. They seriously evaluate the surrounding areas in order to offer you the best services possible.
-We offer excavation services for those wanting to start new construction. We’ve invested in our machinery. If you need to dig out a basement, or simply dig up a construction site, give us a call. Our professionals are happy to make a site inspection and evaluation. This ensures that we meet all local and national policies.
-Our professionals are trained to perform accurate site clearing. If you’re looking for a partner to help you prepare for construction, give Demolition Brisbane a call. We’re able to remove stumps, brush, grass, and leveling of the land where you want to construct. We consult with your architects, city inspectors and all relevant officials in order to ensure the site is cleared and prepared in the right manner.
-Demolition Brisbane has trained staff to perform the delicate job of asbestos removal. Asbestos is harmful to your health and those around you if handled incorrectly. If you suspect your house or building has asbestos, call us and we’re happy to perform an inspection and evaluation. The professional crews who work at Demolition Brisbane remove asbestos with safety in mind. They make sure there is no contamination and that all traces of asbestos are removed. We also inspect your building for other harmful chemicals. If found, our crew manages the removal of the chemicals and/or materials.
Demolition Brisbane prides itself in offering you the best customer service possible. Our staff is trained to treat you in a friendly manner. They are able to handle any questions you might have. We give our staff all possible resources in order to serve our clients better.

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