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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a harmful chemical that causes respiratory problems for both you and your family. It was used in construction extensively in the past until building law prohibited its use. Left intact in a building, asbestos can last for years. It is harmless if left intact without any damage. Unfortunately, during demolition, improper handling of asbestos can lead to serious contamination for everyone in the neighborhood. Asbestos dust is very harmful when breathed in, and it has to be held intact even during demolition. This is the reason you need qualified professionals when demolishing a house with asbestos.
Demolition Brisbane has trained staff who have worked with asbestos removal for years. Their on the job training gives them experience to ensure asbestos is handled in the right manner. Our team undergoes constant training to ensure skills are up to par with national policies on asbestos removal. Third-party boards audit our staff to ensure proper procedures are undertaken during the removal of asbestos. When you approach us for asbestos removal, we guarantee our staff is highly trained and ready to help you. Our staff handles proper documentation through the process of asbestos removal as is required by law.
Procedures we follow:
1.We survey your site for asbestos in the walls. Our staff goes through rigorous training in order to note all signs of asbestos in the walls. The presence of asbestos is determined by how old a building is. Construction materials do not include asbestos in recent years. Asbestos is not expected in newer houses. However, it is expected in older houses and in commercial buildings. Most companies used asbestos liberally those days for insulation purposes. Our staff will let you know if your house has asbestos. If it does, they’ll start the paperwork for proper removal of asbestos.
2.Once the asbestos is contained, the goal is to find out the extent of the asbestos used. When that is determined, our staff works to create a containment plan. Asbestos cannot be broken or damaged. It has to be removed intact. This takes proper planning and care. Our staff is medically checked every step of the way to ensure no contamination occurs.
3.We have invested heavily in our equipment for removal of asbestos. We then plan out extensively for removal of the asbestos. We take the asbestos to specific disposal locations, and ensure that the house is completely decontaminated. This way there are no risks.

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