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Commercial Demolition

Here at Demolition Brisbane, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best plan for commercial demolition. Commercial demolition takes more planning and highly trained crew to accomplish. When you visit our offices for consultation, we go over the following with you before the job starts.
-Inspection/ Assessment – The first role in commercial demolition is to get the history of the building. Buildings have different ages. Buildings constructed years back might have asbestos in the walls as the chemical was used extensively then. Our professionals must ensure that there is no asbestos, and if there is, they have to determine what type of precautions to take to contain the chemical. Our professionals also assess the area where the commercial building is located. Precautions must be taken to protect neighboring buildings from dust, debris, and harmful chemicals during demolition. The same precautions are taken to protect natural resources in the area. We protect water bodies like rivers from dust and other wastes.
-We help you clear all legal requirements. These include getting permits from the city council and any other legal bodies interested in the demolition. Most times, you’ll need a new plan. We consult with your architects and plan for the land preparation after the demolition. It is important to note that most permits won’t go through without a plan approved.
-We of course finalize the project quotation with you. This is a back and forth process and we accommodate your budget as much as we can. We want you to have minimal to no struggles through this process. Our professionals work with you.
-Commercial demolition is a delicate process as most times, it is more like deconstruction. The job is planned out by stripping out the building. We remove glass, fixtures, equipment and paneling found in the different floors in the building. The process takes a while, but precautions are taken to ensure safety for all involved. Commercial buildings are usually stripped bare to the shell. We remove piping, wiring, and all other materials used to decorate the interiors of the buildings. Once stripping is done, we sort the debris for any materials that can be recycled. We then make plans for complete demolition or removal of the slabs. We bring the building down to the foundation and then to the basement.
-We clear out the rubble as it is created to make an easier job for us. It is also a way to make sure there are hazardous materials left. Once the rubble and debris is cleared, we prepare the area for new construction.

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