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Demolition Brisbane FAQs

We understand that demolition is a comprehensive process. There are many procedures to follow before you can demolish a house, commercial building or perform site clearance. We’re here to help you manage this process in an efficient and quick manner. Following are FAQs that will help you formulate your demolition plans.
1.What type of services do you offer?
We offer Demolition services. We demolish residential houses, full demolition as well as partial demolition. We also demolish commercial buildings. Commercial demolition services include deconstruction of particular floors, stripping of commercial building and complete demolition of commercial buildings.
2.Do I need to stop and remove my utilities before demolition?
Yes. It is important to contact your utility providers. Call the water company to stop water going into the building before demolition. This allows us to demolish without contending with water leaking. It is imperative to call the electricity company for safety reasons. The electricity company must send out their agents to inspect the building. This is because even after electricity is stopped, there might be live wires lingering in the building. The gas company stops gas into the building, but it also must inspect the pipes that deliver gas to the building. This is in case of lingering gas that could lead to explosions during demolition. In most cases, you can’t get a demolition permit from the county without a confirmation of utilities stopped.
3.How can I find out if my building or house has Asbestos?
Demolition Brisbane must evaluate all houses and buildings before demolition starts. Our staff is trained to inspect and spot any asbestos presence in the building or the house. If asbestos is found, we make the necessary arrangements to remove it for you.
4.Can I trust your staff?
Demolition Brisbane ensures that our staff is highly trained to carry out all our demolition works. We have dedicated men and women who know how to handle demolition in a safe manner. They work efficiently and with care. They take precautions to ensure your safety, theirs and the neighborhood. In commercial demolitions, they work toward protecting the immediate area where the commercial building is located. They’re kind, friendly and knowledgeable. They’ll answer any questions you might about the demolition process.
5.Do you do site clearing and excavation?
Yes we do. Demolition Brisbane works with inspectors to ensure sites are sound for construction. We help clear the site for future construction sites. We also excavate for construction purposes.

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