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House Demolition

Demolishing a house takes experience. We offer you that experience as you get professionals who’ve worked on the job for years. There are several facts to consider when demolishing a house. When you call us in for house demolition, you should expect the following:
House demolition requires a house inspection first. When you call us, we connect you with our team of professionals. The first order of business is to assess the house. It is important to determine the age of the house before demolition. Older houses were constructed with different materials compared to newer houses. Older houses are also at risk of containing asbestos. Before demolition, it is important to determine whether your house has asbestos in the walls. Our professionals are trained to carry out an inspection of the house. They survey it for any harmful substances that might caught cause health risks for both you, the neighborhood and our team. One of those harmful substances is asbestos. They identify where the problem areas are, if you have asbestos, they take note and take measures to contain it. Then they plan on how the removal of the asbestos will be carried out.
Before a house is demolished, you need permits in Brisbane. We help you obtain the right permits to get the job done. Permits are acquired after you’ve disconnected utility services. We help you contact water, gas and electric companies. They have to stop their services earlier in order for traces of the utilities on the property to end. It is especially important to stop gas and electric services on time. These companies will send technicians on site to make sure the connections are removed. They also help us take protective measures to prevent deadly accidents. Once your services are shut off, we’re ready to start demolition. The city council provides you with a permit.
Our house demolition crew is trained to work efficiently and in a timely manner. They take all the necessary precautions for safety during demolition. We provide the crew with adequate equipment to make sure the house is demolished safely. If there is any asbestos on the property, our crew is trained to remove the asbestos. They’ll make sure there is no contamination, and that the harmful chemicals are removed from the property accordingly.
We demolish the house down to the bottom. We also help prepare the land for a new construction. Call us today for a quotation.

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