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Pool Demolition

When it comes to pool demolition, Demolition Brisbane is the company to call. We offer you top services in pool demolition. We leave you a clean job and take care of all debris associated with removal of the pool. There is no charge for consultation. Visit us or give us a call on our number. Our technicians are knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have about pool demolition. We offer to do site evaluations. Our professionals inspect the size of the pool and the surrounding area. We’re able to make a more accurate quotation with a site inspection.
Our quotation includes the cost of the pool demolition. We write out the plan we’ll take to demolish the pool. This is the reason why an onsite inspection is important. We’re able to let you know how intrusive our demolition will get. We write out the quotation with fixed prices. We don’t change our pricing at the last minute. What we write is what you’ll expect to pay for the entire job. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we don’t have hidden charges. If you have any questions, our professionals are glad to answer them as the quotation is prepared.
When we’ve agreed on a starting date, we help you start procedures on legal permits. Demolition Brisbane helps you get permits from bodies like the city council and environmental protection if required. We ensure that you’re legally covered before demolition starts. We have to make sure that you turn off any utilities connected to the pool That includes water and electricity. This is to ensure no damage is caused during demolition.
During demolition, we also remove any vegetation surrounding the pool. Fences, grass and shrubs are removed during demolition. We also strip the pool of all accessories such as metal and plastics around the pool or inside. We break down the pool slabs and walls, taking them away in small pieces. We consult with building departments in your area to find out if the small pieces of concrete can be left in the pool hole. This is helpful if you’re planning on filling the hole. If allowed, the pieces of concrete contribute to filling the hole. The building department requires an inspection of the integrity of the hole after demolition. Once this is done, we work on filling up the hole for you. We do this using soil from other dig sites, which mean its fresh soils. We don’t use waste or soil found in commercial sites.

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